Giving Form to Ideas – describes the core concept of our business philosophy. We aim for innovation and creativity and enforce an ambitious and positive working morale to solidify this concept as a daily motto.
We put great emphasize on creating a comfortable working environment as well as ensuring smooth communication channels. These serve as the foundation to create the transparency needed for successful teamwork, enabling us to realize Your desired ideas and visions.
As service providers for development and construction – since August 2017 ISO 9001:2015 and December 2019 TISAX certified – our main priority is professional customer service.



Our highly motivated team offers innovative solutions for various problems regarding development and construction of vehicles.

This includes the vehicle interior (cockpit, centre console and seats) as well as the exterior, where we will accompany You from the conceptual design to final production.

Additionally, we deal with the development of metallic and plastic components as well as complete assemblies for any industrial sector.

In doing so, we take great care of meeting the technical, economical and ecological demands of our time.



Our employees are the key to our success. We therefore emphasize the importance of a positive working environment and highly value respectful conduct and teamwork. Furthermore, we invest in the personal development of each individual, aiming to make everybody reach their full potential and feel comfortable in their respective position.
Should You be interested in joining our team, (see recent job offers) please send your letter of application and curriculum vitae via mail to info@coremuc.de.

Upon receiving your application, we will send You a confirmation and contact You shortly afterwards.

We take the protection of Your privacy very serious. For further information please read the privacy statement. Your data is stored in our database for one year, afterwards it is deleted automatically. You may request the deletion of Your data at any time.


Oberfoehringer Street 198a 
81925 Munich, Germany

Visitor address:
Feringa Street 4 
85774 Unterfoehring, Germany